Sir David Attenborough opens up on his views on the excesses of capitalism, greed and the need for the West to have “a little less”. In a candid conversation, he tells BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘What Planet Are We On’ podcast presenter Liz Bonnin that the excesses of capitalism have to be “curbed” to help the natural world “flourish again”. Attenborough then goes onto say “greed does not actually lead to joy” and Western countries must learn to live more economically, if they are to become sustainable.

A herd of elephants eating garbage on a giant dump in Sri Lanka tells a story of our times…

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MY ECAM Impact Investment Checklist:
Q1. Is it good for People?
Q2. Is it good for Planet?
Q3. Is it meaningful in Principle?

In the new paradigm of impact investment, in our post-pandemic future, if your answers are “yes, yes, yes” then the chances of your investment to lead to Prosperity and Profitability are probably good.

Prudent, timely and meaningful impact investment can certainly be a good thing.

Invest in our common future.

Private equity for people, planet, principle, prosperity.