“Onyx is at the forefront of a major shift in the financial services industry. This new business unit reflects J.P. Morgan’s commitment to innovation as we continue to build cutting-edge technology that delivers a better, faster and more inclusive financial system.”

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase

“We’re constantly investing for the future regardless of the economic environment. Onyx represents our ongoing mission to provide clients with best-in-class platforms as their business models and banking needs evolve over time.”

Daniel Pinto, Co-President and Chief Operating Officer, JPMorgan Chase

“Onyx illustrates our commitment to blockchain and other ground breaking technologies to strengthen and expand J.P. Morgan’s Wholesale Payments platform. We are at the forefront of reimagining and re-architecting better ways to exchange information and value.”

Takis Georgakopoulos, Global Head of Wholesale Payments, J.P. Morgan

“At Onyx, we are focused on building next-gen platforms that enable our clients to deploy innovative ideas at scale. Together, we can build groundbreaking applications that solve complex challenges and create new opportunities.”

Umar Farooq, CEO of Onyx

We were the first global bank to create a production-grade, scalable, peer-to-peer blockchain-based network, formerly Interbank Information Network®, now Liink by J.P. Morgan℠. Learn More

We were the first global bank to enable deposit accounts on a blockchain ledger. Designed to make instantaneous payments. Transfers and balance information available via JPM Coin user interface or API (2) Learn More

We simulated the issuance and transfer of debt securities to demonstrate the potential for distributed ledger technology, enabling multiparty automated settlement and shared ledger calculation of interest payments. Learn More

In collaboration with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, we developed a prototype that enables payments in different currencies on the same blockchain network. Learn More

We established the first blockchain protocol to be open-sourced by a bank, freely available for use and transparent for third-party vetting. Learn More

2. Currently in development. Not offered as a live product. Offering as a live product is subject to completion of development and internal review, as well as obtaining any regulatory approval which may be required.



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