Project Description

Peter A. Jensen, MFA BSc

CEO & Chairman
Normax Biomed Limited

Biologist. Leader. Collaborator. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Producer. Innovator. CEO. Mr. Jensen is a high-performance CEO and business manager with extensive expertise in life sciences, computer sciences, mobile, multimedia, entertainment, fintech, finance and distributed ledger technology. Mr. Jensen earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at UCLA Motion Picture Film and Television Producer’s Program (1988) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biological Sciences at UCSB (1980) magna cum laude. Mr. Jensen is an experienced key executive business manager and entrepreneur with a superlative track record. Mr. Jensen is focused on delivery of social enterprise ventures with competitive financial returns and extraordinary social impact. Mr. Jensen founded The Mobile Media Company AS, which delivered a +50x return on investment for early investor SND (Statens nærings- og distriktutviklingsfond, owned by the State of Norway) which was the 2nd most profitable investment in SND history. Mr. Jensen invented and delivered the world’s first real-time tissue realistic 3D surgical training system for robotic laparoscopic surgery in cooperation with SINTEF and The Intervention Centre research and development centre for image guided and minimally invasive therapy at Oslo University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine at University of Oslo. Innovative achievements over 36 years (1986-2022) as a CEO/entrepreneur include:
• Founder. Normax Biomed Ltd, for mRNA Vaccine R&D and Manufacturing. (2020)
• Founder. Essential Cancer Advanced Monitoring (ECAM), a social enterprise, in development. (2018)
• Founder. The Mobile Media Company. The 2nd most profitable SND Investment. Delivered +50x ROI for investors, including SND, the State of Norway. (2000)
• First Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Proof-of-Value delivery for EU Tier-1 Bank. (2015)
• First Vaccine bond to fund-and-find a cure and vaccine for HIV, not-for-profit, in development. (2016)
• First mobile app, for Ericsson’s first ever smartphone, on Symbian OS, with BBC News content. (1999)
• First virtual 3D robotic surgery training simulator, tissue realistic, for vascular surgeons (1998)
• First Norwegian 3D animated Feature Film, co-produced. (2006)
• First Norwegian 2D animated feature film, digital ink&paint&composite&film record, co-produced (1998)
• First Norwegian 3D animated TV Series for NRK, co-produced. (2000)
• First Apple Mac multimedia system integrator in Los Angeles, CA (1986-93)

FCA Approved Person

The individual named below is approved under section 59 of the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000 to perform the Controlled Function (set out below and, if applied for, will be noted as responsible for Insurance Distribution):

Individual name: Peter Albert Jensen
Individual Reference Number: PXJ84051

Date of Birth : 17/06/1958
Firm Name                            FRN        Controlled Function(s)     Date(s)
Robert Quinn Advisory LLP   548030   CF1 Director (AR)             16/06/2020
Robert Quinn Advisory LLP   548030   CF30 Customer                 16/06/2020