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Advanced clinical PET imaging for Cancer, Heart Disease
and Brain Disease.

Impact Strategy

Advanced biomedical discovery data resources for scientists and doctors.
Impact Strategy


Ten billion vaccines, in the next ten years, on open manufacturing platform.
Impact Strategy


ARIES. The Aligned Responsibility International Education Service™
Pro Bono


Life. Health. Prosperity.

Predictable market and manageable risks. Competitive expected financial performance. Extreme global social impact.


The number of tests needed globally over a year to supply a weekly testing regimen would be equivalent to less than half the number of cans of soda consumed annually. – WEF

Affordable and accessible for all.


For eCAM Centers in cooperation with leading global biotech and pharmaceutical industry tenants.

With pro bono ORION services.


For advanced medical imaging,
for patients and their doctors;
cancer, heart disease, brain disease.

With pro bono medical discovery access.


For leading brands for marketing of global sustainability to young people; Millennials and Gen Z consumers.

With pro bono ARIES services.


With advanced vaccine technologies
for efficient deployment of vaccines
for infectious disease and cancer.

Affordable and accessible for all.

For profitable impact investment, our unique strategy is easy to understand:

1. ECAM private equity. eCAM Center advanced molecular medical imaging services for doctors and their patients for, cancer, heart disease, brain disease patients

2. ECAM-R private equity. Diversified real estate investment with planned REIT rules tax efficient investor dividends of 90% of rental profits.

• eCAM Medical Plaza real estate operating platform and ecosystem for leading healthcare and pharmaceutical tenants, with eCAM Center anchor tenant.

• eCAM Global Impact Plaza real estate operating platform for leading global brand tenants. We enable access to, and engagement with, Millennial and Gen Z global customer base. We offer leading brands a unique platform to engage truly wonderful and sustainable brand reputation, with extraordinary innovation and meaningful purpose, for sharing inspiring sustainability experiences, for people, for customers, for stakeholders, for vast collective benefit to the global commons.

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The Mission of eCAM Biomed Global Impact Fund (1:20)

Think Good Data.
Transparent. Real-time. Immutable. Recorded. Administrated. Audited. Regulated. Private. Secure. Trustworthy. Data.
Impact invest in eCAM Biomed Global Impact Fund with MY ECAM.
Invest in our common future. Private equity for people, planet, principle, prosperity.


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COVID-19 Pandemic Report by ECAM. FOR EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL BENEFIT PURPOSES ONLY. Curated news, reports, and opinions, the COVID-19 Report by ECAM is published for educational and social benefit purposes only, not for profit. The global social Impact Mission of ECAM is explained here. The mission of the eCAM Biomed Global Impact Fund is to manage investor capital for competitive financial performance with scalable global social impact. Not an offer to invest. Qualified institutional buyers and accredited investors only. Millions of lives at Risk. Trillions of dollars lost. It is vital to prepare for pandemics.
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FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY. IMPORTANT RED HERRING DISCLAIMER. This information should be regarded as being of a preliminary character only, and subject to updating. It has been prepared on the assumption that the legal and tax structures required to conduct the activities of eCAM Medical Plaza Global Impact Private Equity Fund (referred to in this handout as “eCAM REIT”, “ECAM-R” or “eCAM Medical Plaza”), and separately, the eCAM Sukuk Bond, have already been fully implemented and that all regulatory, tax and other clearances have been obtained. In particular, eCAM REIT will require to be registered as a closed-ended private investment fund (“PIF”) pursuant to the Protection of Investors (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1987, as amended (“POI Law”) and the Private Investment Fund Rules 2016 issued by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, and its general partner will require to be licensed pursuant to the POI Law. The structure will have been implemented prior to the first closing of eCAM REIT. If there are inconsistencies between statements in this handout and the provisions of the relevant Private Placement Memorandum or Limited Partnership Agreement in relation to eCAM REIT or the other investment options described in this handout, the latter will prevail over this handout. Any other materials presented to prospective investors in relation to eCAM REIT or the eCAM Sukuk Bond on or prior to the date of this document are deemed to be subject to the same red herring disclaimer set out in this document. This handout is issued by the manager of eCAM REIT, eCAM Biomed Global Impact Investment Management Limited (the “Manager”) on a confidential basis to selected sophisticated and/or high net worth investors for the sole purpose of providing information about an investment in eCAM REIT and/or other investment options in relation to the eCAM Biomed Global Impact Fund structure. 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Prospective investors should not treat the contents of this handout as advice relating to legal, accounting, taxation or investment matters and are advised to consult their own professional advisors concerning the acquisition, holding or disposal of commitments in eCAM REIT or other investment options. All statements of opinion and/or belief contained in the handout and all views expressed and all projections, forecasts or statements relating to expectations regarding future events or the possible future performance of eCAM REIT or other investment options represent the Manager’s own assessment and interpretation of information available to it as at the date of this handout. No representation is made or assurance given that such statements, views, projections or forecasts are correct or that the objectives of eCAM REIT or the other investment options described in this handout will be achieved. Prospective investors must determine for themselves what reliance (if any) they should place on such statements, views, projections or forecasts and no responsibility is accepted by the Manager or any other representatives of the proposed eCAM REIT structure or wider eCAM Biomed Global Impact Fund structure in respect thereof. Prospective investors are strongly advised to conduct their own due diligence including, without limitation, the legal and tax consequences to them of investing in eCAM REIT or the other investment options described in this handout. It should be remembered that the price of limited partnership interests and the income from them can go down as well as up. Any website and information or links contained therein, whether or not related to eCAM REIT, are not part of this document and should not be considered as incorporated by reference herein. References to names of portfolio companies or investments may be made to the trading or brand name of the relevant group but relate, where the context requires, to the applicable holding company/ subsidiary of the relevant funds. Other than as set out above, no representation made or information given in connection with or relevant to an investment in eCAM REIT or the other investment options described in this handout may be relied upon as having been made or given with the authority of the Manager and/or general partner of eCAM REIT and no responsibility is accepted by such persons, their subsidiaries or associates or any of their directors, officers, employees or agents, in respect thereof. The delivery of this handout does not imply that the information herein is correct as at any time subsequent to the date hereof. It is the responsibility of prospective investors to satisfy themselves as to full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of any territory in connection with any application to participate in eCAM REIT or the other investment options described in this handout, including obtaining any requisite governmental or other consent and adhering to any other formality prescribed in such territory. The attention of prospective investors is drawn to the fact that eCAM REIT is likely to be committing its funds to investments of a long term nature. There is no currently available public market for commitments in eCAM REIT and no such market is expected to develop until at the earliest the latter part of 2020 when it is intended to make application for the listing and trading of interests in eCAM REIT on appropriate recognised stock exchanges. Investors should note the considerations which will be set out under “Risk Factors” in the relevant Private Placement Memorandum. eCAM REIT and the other investment options described in this handout are not suitable for investment other than by sophisticated and/or high net worth investors who understand and are able to accept the risks involved in investing through eCAM REIT or the other investment options in the type of investments described herein, including the risk that all or a substantial portion of their investment cannot be returned either during the life of the investment structure or at all. All the trade-marks, service-marks and logos used or displayed in this document are registered, un-registered or otherwise protected intellectual property.
Essential Cancer Advanced Monitoring (eCAM™) advanced biomedical imaging with the eCAM Total-Body PET-CT system is for Doctors and Patients, and Pharma Tenants of eCAM Medical Plazas, in cooperation with leading global companies and institutions, for scalable global public and private healthcare benefit.

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